Art and design has always been my thing. In our younger years, my sister and I, encouraged by our Mum, would spend hours drawing, colouring and making a variety of paper mache creations.

For me, it was the obvious choice to go to Art College - I really didn’t consider anything else. At university however, I decided to be ‘sensible’ and study Graphic Design.  It was well before the internet, and I had visions of being a struggling artist forever. So I followed Graphic Design as my career.

As my son was studying art, I watched him painting and found that I just wanted to snatch the brush out of his hand! Eventually I could bear it no more, dug out all my old brushes and started painting alongside him - and I haven’t stopped since.

My vibrant and energetic paintings are packed with colour, and they now hang on walls all over the world... and it’s lovely to hear people tell me that my paintings make them smile!

I love bright colours and the amazing tones we find around us everyday. I paint landscapes, florals and animals too, taking inspiration from my roots in Wales.

I live with the lovely Mr J and two rabbits in Stratford Upon Avon, UK, but I’m a Cardiff girl at heart!

I do lots of commissions too so please get in touch if you can’t find what you are looking for on my website, I love to hear from you.